We make crispy apple chips from selected apples

 ingredients for packed snacks
fillers for breakfast cereals
ready-made vitaminized snacks
– assortment for vegetarians

We will make apple chips from selected apples as per your order

You have your own snack brand and you are looking for a stable supply of apple chips

You have your own retail network or other business, and are looking for a new assortment under your brand (“private label”)

You are manufacturer of dry breakfast cereals  or snacks and looking for the manufecturer of fillers

 You plan to expand the assortment in the healthy eating direction

The advantages of our product:

– the premium quality of apple chips at a competitive price – we are a small company and closely monitor the quality at all stages of production

– Competitive price – we have a stable supply of raw materials and automated production, so we can be flexible in pricing policies.

– We maintain the quality – it is important for us to give you the best product in its category

– We do not use sugar, artificial preservatives and other nutritional supplements

– we can make small volumes, and at the same time keep a good price.

About us

We are a small fruit manufacturing company. We make premium apple chips with constant quality control at every stage. Each apple is crispy and delicious, and preserves nutrients. We use modern technology that preserves the maximum nutrients.


Our values:

Effective partnership


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    76005 Ivano-Frankivsk

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    S. Petlyury Str., 2z


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